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                  兩會觀察 | 中美關係 ,對抗還是合作?
                  作者:佚名 | 文章來源:北京週報 | 更新時間:2019-03-07 09:39:00

                  前不久,中美經貿高級別磋商在技術轉讓、知識產權保護、非關稅壁壘、服務業、農業以及匯率等一系列具體問題上取得實質性進展 。人們對中美達成一份既互利雙贏、又對世界有利的協議增添了樂觀預期。

                  Trade talks between China and the U.S. have made progress. Delegations from both countries have sent positive signals, indicating that the situation can be resolved to the benefit of the global economy. While both countries have suffered since the dispute began last year, it is now hoped a resolution can be reached in the near future.

                  在這樣的背景下 ,如何理性地看待中美關係的未來 ?主導中美關係的將是對抗還是合作  ?週報君專訪了兩位對外友好界的全國政協委員:中國人民大學國際關係學院院長楊光斌、中華美國學會會長黃平 ,請看雙語視頻 。

                  How does China view Sino-U.S. relations against this backdrop? Will they be dominated by cooperation or confrontation? Beijing Review asked two members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee for their opinion. Yang Guangbin, Dean of the School of International Studies, Renmin University of China and Huang Ping, President of the Chinese Association of American Studies gave their answers.




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